• Essay Examples and the 5 Main Types - Guide 2021

    Descriptive Essay

    Descriptive essays are the most common type of essay writing asked by a essay writer. They describe non-fictional topics such as places, paintings, and events. In descriptive essay writing, you cannot use your own opinion or judgement to describe; instead, you need to use logic to support each description. The descriptions must have vivid word choices to bring out a clear picture for your readers. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence and supporting details to clearly explain the topic entirely. Descriptive essay writing is one of the easiest types of essay writing because it involves mostly following simple steps and using logical explanation for every detail in a non-fiction subject which is easily available via research on reliable sources.

    Expository Essay

    Expository essay is the second most common type of essay writing. It gives information to the audience about specific topics or events, using facts and figures. Simply put, expository essays are used to explain things in an explanatory manner. Expositorical essays are highly valued by students because they show how well you understand a topic or event based on your analysis and evaluation skills. For expository essay writing, you need to use an academic tone and should not sound like having opinions out of it. Your paper needs links between rhetoric devices such as cause-and-effect relationship, analogies, etc., which must be supported with examples from other sources as the basis for your analysis and evaluation of a subject or event (exposition).

    However, expository essay writing requires you to use accurate information from essay writer free articles such as statistics, historical data or facts from reliable sources. It is one of the most difficult types of essay writing because it involves linking several different events or ideas together in an analytical way. This type of writing has been valued highly by teachers and instructors due to its demonstration of students’ ability to reason with solid reasoning skills and clear understanding about a topic or event.

    Descriptive Essay: Structure

    A descriptive essay can have one of two structures, namely the “global” or the “concrete.” There is no right or wrong way to structure a description, but your instructor might tell you which type to use. A global (or overall) structure describes and categorizes your subject matter in a broad sense, and then describes it succinctly in more detail. The concrete structure makes observations about piecemeal details first, before moving on to generalizations about those details. If your instructor prefers the global method over the concrete method, give yourself extra time when you’re writing because this will require a lot more planning than usual. Here’s an example of how both structures work: Global Structure : In his painting Two Asian Women at an Exhibition , Gustav Klimt captures the distant, somewhat melancholy, mood of turn-of-the-century Vienna. This is seen in the black and gold robes of his models as they sit in an ornate Austrian interior and look out at a gray sky. The dark colors reflect the somber tone of Klimt’s work.

    Concrete Structure : In Gustav Klimt’s painting Two Asian Women at an Exhibition , we can see how he demonstrates his admiration for Japanese art: The women are both seated wearing black kimonos with gold trim; one looks out a window to a cloudy day while another stands behind her looking into her mirror. Other notable details include multiple Geisha figurines (likely Japanese) sitting amongst many other oriental statues, and a green vase on the wall that has been broken into white pieces.

    With these types of essays, you will want to remember to use descriptive language, i.e., words intended to portray images or sensations that appeal strongly to the reader’s senses (smells, sounds, touch, tastes, sites). The point is not simply to describe what your subject looked like or what it did, but rather how it made you feel . If you can create realistic scenarios in your readers’ minds with strong imagery and sensory detail, they will be able to really experience for themselves whatever it was you were writing about–whether its the bitter taste of lemons in a mouthful of ceviche or the bright red roses clashing against a blue background in Georgia O’Keeffe’s painting “The Calla Lily.”

    Narrative Essay: Structure

    Narrative essays are a type of exposition that tells a story about an event, rather than analyzes or evaluates it. Like all other expository essays, it is intended to inform the reader through narration–this time using specific details and examples from real life experiences instead of statistics, facts or data. It is impossible to write a narrative essay without approaching the material with a thesis statement; this holds true whether you decide to use one method (3-part structure) or another (5-part). In addition to these two methods which can be used for developing your own thesis statement(s), there are also two different ways of organizing the body paragraphs: Narration and Description.

    Part Structure

    This structure is best when your writing is (1) close to your own life experience, (2) an event or series of events that occurred over a few days/weeks/months rather than years, and (3) contains various main characters. The five parts are: 1. Set up - this doesn’t have to be long but it should tell us clearly what you’re going to talk about in this essay; for example, “ I love watching the sunset each night from my porch as I relax after a long day’s work.” 2. Beginning – describe what happens first, how it works its way into being something more then interesting 3. Middle – describe what happens next, how it develops into a more interesting story 4. End – describe the outcome of the whole thing 5. Conclusion - you can either recap what happened in free essay writer article or expand upon why we should care about your experience (ex: “If I had to do this all over again, there’s no doubt in my mind that I would change out of those sweatpants and into something nicer before going outside.”).

  • Essay Topics for an Outstanding Essay (2021)

    An informative essay by the essay writer is one of the most important academic essay assignment that aims to present the important information on a given topic. It is advisable to use credible sources only and there is no need to add personal opinion in informative writing. If you are assigned to write an informative essay, the first thing that you will come across is choosing a great topic. Although this step seems very easy it can be a real challenge in a minute of time as it requires in-depth research. At this stage do not rush and take your time; get enough materials about the topics that you like and then compare them among each other until you figure out which one would be better for your purpose.

    There are no strict rules concerning informative essay topics. Any topic that you choose must be interesting and should not have similar content to other books, articles or even your own work. Simply said avoid repetition as much as possible. If you are going to write about such areas as science or technology make sure to use credible sources of information and do not include your personal opinion in the content of your paper.

    The best way to get a good grade for an informative essay is by combining all the essential elements together into one generic document: A great topic which will attract attention, strong thesis statement for your essay, credible sources and examples (quotes), some research data including conclusion based on presented facts etc… So what are these basic building blocks?

    In order to be sure in your choice, you need to spend some time on the topic from essay writer sevice . If you are going to write a report about history of ancient Rome, do not rush and start writing it right away; take a few books from your school’s library or use the Internet for some research as each day passes by. The main goal here is to learn as much as possible about Roman rulers such as Julius Caesar and emperors like Nero.

    Take for example: Essay Topic—Ancient Rome Government: You may explore how the government was functioning back in those days, what rules were followed when making important decisions regarding laws and regulations? What kinds of punishments did Romans assign when breaking these rules? Did Romans have a constitution that would impose limits upon their rulers? What are the examples of these laws? All these questions and many more can be included in your essay.

    In fact, you need to include at least two main sections in your informative essay: The Introduction , where you should express the topic that will set a tone for the whole paper. In other words, it is very important to let readers know what they will learn when reading the whole paper. Moreover, here you should present some background information about the topic as well. For example write something like “Rome was an ancient country whose government was based on strict rules imposed by emperors”.

    The Body , where you need to provide evidence such as quotes from credible sources; direct examples and data collected during research activity etc…

    If you are looking for a great topic to write your informative essay on, explore the list of ideas from essay writer free online services below and feel free to choose the one for your essay. 

    1. Ways to mow one’s lawn.
    2. Get rid of the bad habit.
    3. Stages of losing weight in a healthy way.
    4. Things people use to plan an excellent party.
    5. Trips and tricks on how to gain extra weight.
    6. Pitching a tent in the rain forest.
    7. Tricks smart students use to find a nice roommate.
    8. Ways to stay sober on Saturday Night.
    9. Getting the most attractive rental deal.
    10. Methods professionals used to get their dream jobs.
    11. Steps to make student’s speech persuasive.
    12. Anorexia Nervosa among young girls.
    13. Overcrowded jails and their inhabitants.
    14. Factors of racism in the United States.
    15. Things that cause phobias in little kids.
    16. Consequences of World War II.
    17. The real cost of university library textbooks.
    18. Discussing a certain period in history.
    19. Describing a particular epoch of architecture.
    20. Causes & effects of water pollution.
    21. Military branches.
    22. The fastest developing cities in the UK.
    23. The role of censorship in modern society.
    24. Various types of cancers in medicine.
    25. Civil War generals and their achievements.
    26. Results of environmental degradation.
    27. The way a personal computer functions.
    28. Recent popular advertising campaigns and their effects.
    29. Homosexuality and its consequences.
    30. Does Voodoo magic really exist?
    31. How to Deliver a Good Speech.
    32. The Effects and Causes of Poverty.
    33. How to Prevent Pollution.
    34. The Disadvantages of the Internet.
    35. The Types of Citizenships.
    36. The History of the Israelites.
    37. How to Use a Laptop Efficiently.
    38. Weather Changes and Climate.
    39. How to Select a Career Course.
    40. How to Write the Best Essay in a Day.
    41. Reasons Why Rome was Built.
    42. Ways of Preventing Cancer.
    43. What are the Effects of Racism?
    44. The Role of Modern Education.
    45. How to Prepare Great Meals.
    46. The Importance of Table Manners.
    47. How to Select a Career Course.
    48. How to Drive a Car.
    49. The Functions of Proteins in Our Body.
    50. Reasons for Migration.

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